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ברוכים הבאים לאתר אקסטרה - עדכני, מגוון ועשיר בכתבות ובמאמרים מקצועיים בשלל תחומים

Medical Cannabis: Innovations and solutions

Cannabis toothpicks and water-soluble powder (Photo: TrichomeShell)

TrichomeShell innovative products

TrichomeShell, an Israeli company founded by Se'ach, Tacto and the entrepreneur Guy Shibaz, who serves as CEO, continues their research and development of unique Cannabis products and has recently announced the launch of their products in the US market.

TrichomeShell's flagship product is the Moodpick – a unique toothpick made of Cannabis extract, which has gone through a process of micro-encapsulation and contains a measured and precise dosage of Cannabis active compounds. The Moodpick is consumed by inserting it into a joint or a cigarette prior to smoking them, thereby enriching them with its active substances and providing the consumer with an easy to use and one of a kind experience.

Another product developed by the company is a water-soluble powder (Power-Powder), made from the Cannabis plant extract as well. The powder is consumed by adding and stirring it into any water-based beverage (tea, coffee, smoothie, etc.) and, based on their exact personal dosage, each client can choose how many packets to add to their drink.

In the global Cannabis market, many products are being sold today, despite all being mostly similar. In contrast, TrichomeShell chooses to differentiate itself by developing innovative products never before seen. They are designed to be multi-applicable and to allow the client a safe and responsible use.

TrichomeShell licenses out its intellectual property fully developed in Israel to authorized Cannabis producers around the world and has already signed licensing agreements with several American producers, who make use of the company's developed technology and sell its products in the legal US market.

Kassi: Consume medical cannabis wisely

Smart system for storing cannabis (Photo: Studio Practic)

The revolutionary patent-pending Kassi is a smart medical hub that enhances the benefits of medical cannabis consumption, by delivering an innovative solution for tracking and maintaining optimal cannabis freshness and effectiveness.

The sleek device delivers a holistic solution by including a smart scale, mobile app and medical-grade grinder, developed with the unique ability to minimize harm to the trichomes while maintaining potency.

Users can view real-time temperature and humidity due to Kassi’s smart sensor which delivers information to the mobile app. Humidity is directly adjusted via the integrated Boveda® 2-way humidity pack. Kassi’s smart digital scale delivers information each time quantity changes.

When paired with its iOS and Android mobile app, Kassi automatically logs the time of consumption, dosage history, and current amounts. Furthermore, Kassi can send quantity-bases reminders, ensuring timely repurchase.

In addition to offering easy purchase from dispensaries, users can log in specific strains, treatment effect, location and time of purchase. Kassi analyzes this information and sends users recommendation about similar strains. In addition to maintaining correct humidity & temperature levels, access to cannabis storage data is vital for maintaining optimal freshness, consumption, and safety.

Kassi’s mobile app connectivity offers: Track temp and humidity in real-time, Automated tracking of daily usage, Track usage over time, Receive alerts from dispensaries, Reorder from app, Send alerts when weight thresholds are met, Monitor weight, temp, quantity, Automatic gathering of data via WiFi, Voice activation via Alexa / Siri.

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