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Making an informed decision

Introducing Serenus.AI, an Innovative AI-based Platform that Improves Critical Medical Decisions

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Recent research has revealed that an alarmingly high percentage of medical procedures are unnecessary, risking patients’ lives and wasting valuable resources. An estimated 35% of medical procedures, 30% of antibiotic prescriptions and 9 million hospital stays are unnecessary.

This wastes the time and cost of overstretched medical professionals, and impacts patients unnecessarily hospitalized and deprived of earnings from loss of workdays. Many of these costs fall directly upon patients and their families and, as a result, healthcare costs are now the second highest cause of bankruptcy in the US.

The Solution: Innovative Technology

With two patents pending, Serenus.AI Ltd. has met this challenge head on with a novel AI-based solution that assists medical professionals, health systems and insurers in making better medical decisions, saving lives and valuable resources.

This innovative cloud-based platform uses unique algorithms that replicate the objective decision-making process of top physicians. This is achieved by combining the best, most up to date medical practice guidance, experienced professionals’ knowledge and machine learning technologies. This results in a unique value proposition that benefits patients, physicians and insurers by implementing a uniform objective medical standard across entire health systems.

For patients, Serenus.AI prevents unnecessary risks and costs, improving the level of care. For the physician, it provides a real-time decision support system for each case and decreases the probability of clinical errors. For insurers, it improves the workflow for physicians, improves efficiencies and saves valuable resources.

While the system-generated report helps physicians and utilization managers clearly understand how the Serenus.AI software arrived at its recommendations, the final decision always is made by the professional at his or her discretion. Serenus.AI does not collect any personal identifiable information to ensure that the privacy of the patient is paramount.

Serenus.AI’s go to market strategy begins with medical procedures and payers, including personal and employer-funded health plans in the US, as well as national health services in overseas markets. In the US, Serenus.AI is focusing on the prior-authorization market, partnering with private health plans and working with employers, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize the utilization process.

The company has already developed modules for 30 of the most common and costly procedures, which are shown to be most at risk of being unnecessary. Doing so reduces Serenus.AI customers’ medical and administrative costs, boosting satisfaction across the board, and advancing the quality of care and effectiveness.

An Award-Winning Company with Vision

The Serenus.AI team includes renowned physicians from various medical fields and machine learning specialists. Serenus.AI has been validated in practice and the company is now active in Israel, the USA, and the UK. The company has won several prestigious awards and government grants for its innovative technology.

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