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The New Green - September 2019

The investments and ventures, regulations and patents, innovations and solutions, reform and implications: The medical cannabis industru - all the details, all the developments

ברוכים הבאים לאתר אקסטרה - עדכני, מגוון ועשיר בכתבות ובמאמרים מקצועיים בשלל תחומים
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Israeli Cannabis Industry: A Reliable Investment

Or Hai (Photos: Cann10)
What details must one pay attention to before investing in a cannabis company? An interview with Ori Alperovitz, CEO of Cann10

Medical Cannabis as a Personally Treatment

Or Hai
Have difficulty in consuming medical cannabis? Cann10 makes the treatment process simple, efficient anf tailored to you

The Reform and Thoughts of the Future

Or Hai
An interview with Yuval Landshaft, head of the MCU - Medical Cannabis Unit

Creating a triple value in the cannabis industry

Or Hai
Assaf Bivas, CEO and Co-founder at Pollen Group, talks about the challenges for investors and entrepreneurs
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Together Pharma: From Growth to the Patients

Sharly Chetrit (Photos: Cannabliss & Premier places)
Nir Sosinsky, Together Pharma's Co-founder: "The company will be able to export high-quality products in the future"

The future lies in the terpenes

Sharly Chetrit
All the benefits of cannabis - without its addictive ingredients: paramedical products based on the plant's components
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Medical Cannabis Ventures: Critical Factors

Adv. Amos Bentzur and Adv. Limor Tarsi-Chen
Ensuring Israel’s position in the field of medical cannabis, while promoting treatment possibilities for patients that use it

How to Use CBD for Optimal Health

Or Hai
The high bioavailability CBD product that allow CBD to easily pass from the intestine to the bloodstream

Medical Cannabis: Innovations and solutions

Or Hai
News section

GreenPharma’s Cannabis Revolution

Rannie Luz
Medical Cannabis full service, end-to-end solution: From pharmacist counseling to regular home delivery

Quality Never Goes Out of Style

Yogev Sarid
Innovation in development and technologies: Quality is not a crude word - even if its price is high

"The permit for medical cannabis use is easier"

Sharly Chetrit
Prof. Arnon Afek, MCU’s chief medical counsel, Ministry of Health: The Medical Cannabis Reform, Intentions & Consequences

Israeli companies and the research advantage

Ronit Shanbay
Attorney Hagit Weinstock: "The Israeli cannabis companies have to make use of the built-in research advantage"

Medical cannabis: The role of the pharmacist

Prof. Shimona Yosselson-Superstine
About the role of the pharmacy and the pharmacist in the dispensing of medical cannabis

When Health Services and Technology Converge

Orna Yitzhaki Birbach
Market leader and strategic partner of international pharmaceutical companies operating in Israel - All about Novolog Group
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